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I’m back! Life happens. No need to go into why and what will be different… Blah Blah Blaaaaah. I’m here. Imm inspired and plan to do my best. More importantly lets get deep  into this candle talk.




#CandleTalk :

To say  I love diptyque candles would be an understatement . Yeah, it’s a luxury item and yes i burn them like bath & body works (its an addition). During the holidays I ordered this Diptyque mini candle set to try the brand after lusting over them in store. The lovely SA at Nordstrom south coast plaza was very informative -and real-. My love for the brand goes deep. Oh, and the fragrances?! Well talk about that soon enough. This is my 1st post on diptyque and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

I would suggest starting with a diptyque set if you’re new to the candle game. Because of this set I know that amber and Vanille are my favorites. The fragrance when burning vs. smelling them in store is different (to me). The cult classic scent “Baies” (pronounced “bae”) is a very welcoming woodsy fragrance.

The candles comes in five different sizes:

  • Mini (in sets only: 1.2oz)small (2.4 oz: $32)
  • Medium (6.5 oz: $62),
  • Large – one wick- (10.2oz: $90)
  • Finally (big daddy) the large indoor /outdoor tree wick candle (51.2 oz: $290)

For many great reasons this brand is considered luxury. One of the luxury selling points for me was the burn time. The price point and the burn time are similar, for example:

  • The small $32 candle burns for 30 hours
  • The medium $62 candle burns for 60 hours…

Re-purposing the jars are very trendy on social media and I must admit I’m guilty. There is so much about this brand that I want to tell you and i will. SO much to show you that I’ve already added to my collection. Stay tuned.

Photography & Product Styling // Paula Young

EXTRA PRODUCTS // Louis Vuitton: Key Pouch and Marc Jacobs “ginger” splash.



  1. Anna
    April 13, 2016 / 4:14 am

    Great post! I love Diptyque. Can’t wait to see your next candle post! Is that wallet still available at LV? I can’t find it in store anymore 🙁

    • PaulaYoung
      April 13, 2016 / 4:26 am

      Hey Anna 🙂
      I’m so glad you like the most. I have so much to show… The Louis Vuitton empreinte key pouch is still available. Its currently under model number: M60633. Hope this helps.

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