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biteAs mentioned In my previous New York City guide I visited The Bite Beauty Lip Lab. What is this? Oh just a tiny slice of heaven wedged in the ever so chic streets of Soho. The concept is pretty simple: You’re making a custom lipstick, from color to finish and even scent. Ideal for a girl like myself that loves the fact that only “I” have this exact lipstick. Yes, some colors my look similar but it’s just not that ” perfect” color you have in your head (Is it that deep girl? yeah!). When seeing Patrick Starr visit this Lip Lab in the spring I did so much research on this goldmine… Keep in mind I booked this session 3 months in advance.  I thought it would be perfect to go and also surprise my college friend (who only owns lip gloss) to create her perfect lipstick. Lot’s of lip gloss girls stay lip gloss girls because their afraid of the bold colors that lipsticks can give off. When she found out what we were doing she was skeptical at first but excitement took over when the process began. When arrived we were greeted warmly by a Lip Lab Artists and dove right into the process. P.S. It’s recommended that you have an idea of the color family you’re aiming for.

  • Colour Consultation: Here is where you explain to the artist what color you’ve been dreaming about. As you’re explaining  the artist is blending together shades for you to try. Once you’ve created your unicorn. It took me 2 tries/ my friend “7” tries: GIRL!
  • Finish: The 2nd step is to choose a finish. The choices were cream, matte, sheer and deluxe (aka: frost).
  • Flavor: All my makeup girls out there know the smell of their favorite lipstick brand with their eyes closed. Here you have the option to choose your own scents like cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet or superfruit . Cool right?
  • Add On’s: The last step is for the bold shimmer “frost queens”. I’m usually down for a good frost in my collection, but I had to stay focused…

After all your selections are chosen your creation is then mixed, molded and frozen (to keep shape). Our full appointment took all of 20 minutes. The experience was excellent, the customer service was amazing and I will make it a to-do for every trip to NYC.

Price: $45 each or 2 for $60 (Add On’s $6 extra)



More info about the brand: BITE beauty believes what goes on your lips should do more than just color. It should be good for you, too! Bite lip products are handcrafted one at a time to provide nourishing, restorative benefits. These lipsticks contain natural and organic ingredients—moisturizers and protective antioxidants like resveratrol, organic fruit butters, and Manuka honey. Each Bite lipstick is infused with the age-fighting antioxidant resveratrol—the equivalent of five glasses of wine.














I cant say enough about this place. Make an appointment and just go! Or go to Sephora and try some awesome in-store items, you wont be disappointed.

Until next time:

Stay Young at heart XOXO!!!


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