Diptyque: Rosa Mundi Candle



Happy New Year!  Just like me to post the last day of the new month. Raggedy! I know. I hope all is well with you. I’m still here buying shit  I don’t need.  This purchase doesn’t count though, because it’s special packaging (everybody knows limited edition items don’t count).

My 1st post of the new year and it’s about a candle. Typical.  I cant help it. Sorry not sorry! For those who don’t stalk Diptyque’s website, for valentines the brand has a collection with limited edition packaging. Last year I fell so deep in love with the valentine collection (Yikes! my friends were sick of me). This years collection I almost cried. Seriously. I love the color green and I adore leaves and all things greenery so THIS collection has me so excited. The subtle rose smell is amazing and I’m not even a rose girl. Overall this candle has a very clean scent.  I wish this was in the permanent range, it’s too good.

That vessel though: Diptyque partnered with Antoinette Poisson, a creator and restorer of domino paper, who has designed two exclusive motifs—one floral, one geometrical—to decorate the scented items in the collection.

Candle sizes for this collection: 6.5 oz and 2.5 oz

A2 DDD 123 A2









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