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New York. What can I say about this place? My 1st love is from this city, My 1st kiss happened in this city and My 1st time traveling alone also happened here. This place holds a very big place in my heart. I feel like I lived here in a former life. Any who, I visited my happy place this summer and it did not disappoint. Usually I just go with the flow no” itinerary”, just having fun with friends. This time I had hot spots I wanted to hit (didn’t hit them all but there’s always next time). I hope my NYC guide helps you explore this beautiful city the next time you visit or if you live there (lucky) let me know if you try any of my choices. First things first: Grub!


Food: Burgers and Lobster

Where? Manhattan

This place was all  over my Snapchat. Everyone raved about the Lobster roll so I figured let’s give it a try. YO! Now I know why this place was packed. The bread was freshly baked, LORD! The Lobster is sustainable live lobster and seasoned to perfection. The fries were cute too but that small side salad had a balsamic vinaigrette that was next level. Everything was so yummy (and I’m hard to please with seafood). I would recommend this place 100%. For the seafood and burger lovers. Give it a try. Now it’s time to dance off those calories…


Fun: Quiet Clubbing

Where? Queens

Let’s start by saying –I don’t do clubbing-. Not that there is anything wrong with clubbing, I’m just a lame like that. I tend to be a bit of an introvert (my friends hate it). But I did told  myself I would get better starting this year. Well the universe heard me and so did my NYC friend who always comes to see me when I’m in town. When he said “ we’re going to do something different this time and some of my friends are coming along”. :::Pause::: I already told yall I’m an introvert right? and this man is talking about “new people” coming? Mind you I love meeting new cool people, it’s just the act of meeting new people that creeps me out (weird, I know). I was trying to talk myself out of this function like crazy. Spoke to my friend  I was staying with and she basically said “You’re going!”( she’s so rude). And so I did, and it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. His friends were so sweet, cool as hell and hilarious.

Okay, Okay, What’s a quiet party? It’s a club (mostly outdoors) that has 3 DJ’s, each has a color. DJ 1 (Green): Top 40 hits, Dance, Pop DJ 2 (Red):  The best of 80’s & 90’s, and 2K music! DJ 3 (Blue): Hip-Hop, R&B. You get these wireless glow in the dark headphones when you walk in. The headphone control what color (Dj) you want to listen to. Music is only coming from the headphones so all you hear when you walk in is people singing. Fun times!







Sightseeing: Brooklyn Bridge

When I told my friend I wanted us to walk the Brooklyn Bridge she was over me and my tourist ideas. Because she loves me she was still down even though rain was in the forecast (eeek). The skyline from the bridge was to die for. Walking across wasn’t as long as I’d imagined. The experience alone was just magical. Happy I took the time to visit this beautiful city’s landmark. Great exercise and yummy photo opportunity (and its free).


Food: SoCo

Where? Brooklyn

Are you ready? You’re not ready! It’s so much I can say about this place. I found it on Yelp with great reviews. Being a Roscoe’s on main girl myself this review is from my sweet and savory heart. At SoCo the Red velvet waffle & fried chicken are the stars of this spot BUT that. Mac. And. Cheese. Though! Dare I say “the best restaurant Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had”.  Yeah! If ever in NYC this is a must go. If you live in Brooklyn god bless your waistline. Oh and did I mention the people that work here are all beautiful? The crowd and vibe was just so good. If you like to eat outdoors they have a small patio area in the back (for those yummy food photos). You won’t be disappointed with the food or the service. I will be back, I can’t wait.



Fun: Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Where? Soho

Well, Well, Well. Custom lipstick you say? Don’t mind if I do. I booked a session at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab after watching Patrick Starr attend with other beauty gurus in the spring. I fell in love with the concept and my lip gloss loving friend needed a dope introduction to lipstick. I will be posing a full review this week on the Bite Lip Lab here.


Food: Prince Street Pizza

Where? Soho

According to Yelp, Google and lots of blogs THIS is the best pizza in New York. Although I haven’t tried a lot of pizza in NYC this was some yummy pizza. The squared pepperoni (I took the mean off: No red meat here) was filled with flavor and the perfect about of cheese and sauce. I also tried a margarita and cheese slice. The margarita slice was my personal favorite. The flavor was amazing here just be ready because they are quick. Will I be back? For sure!

nyc12 nyc13

Sweets: Ladurée

Where? Soho

You know when you plan a trip and you put a questionable item on the list? This was my wild card. I’ve seen popular bloggers mention this place and thought “ is this too fancy?”. Macron lovers love this place and I wasn’t a fan of macrons. Me and my friend went in being very optimistic. I ordered the desert that came with one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and four preselected macrons. Dare I say: BOMB? This place changed my idea of what macrons should taste like. I’ve tried macrons from other desert houses and I was not impressed. Since posting about this goldmine on social media I’ve learned that there is a new location in Los Angeles coming soon. I’m so there!


Food: SEA (Thai Restaurant)

Where? Brooklyn

nyc19My longtime friend took me out for Thai food. I never had Thai food before so I was very excited. The natural moody and dark ambiance was amazing. We arrived close to closing so I couldn’t get my ideal bright food photos (only had my phone with me hence the picture quality difference).  The photo is basically what you see when you walk inside the restaurant, a beautiful Asian inspired fountain with booths surrounding it and additional seating is scattered throughout the restaurant. I ordered the grilled salmon and white rice. Going to try the sushi next time for sure. He definitely impressed me with this gem in the “hipster” part of my favorite borough. Super sad I didn’t get a lot of photos of the place. This restaurant and the company brought my New York trip to a perfect close.

I already have a whole new list of new places I want to visit next time i’m in the city. Since I’ve been back friends are asking: “What would I do again from this visit?” That’s simple!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

SEA (Thai Restaurant)

SoCo Restaurant

Prince Street Pizza

If you’re ever in the NYC area and you try some of my favorite places let me know.



Until next time:

Stay Young at heart: XOXO



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