Collaborations & Social Media

It is essential for me that all reviews are authentic and relevant to my audience. Send an e-mail to see if your product can be featured.

Trusting your brand with my visual direction is an honor that I appreciate. If you feel your brand and mine would be a perfect fit send me an e-mail.

Photos, video or even a blog post are some ways we can connect and build a visual relationship. Let's create some beautiful imagery together.

I am a lifestyle creative heavily influenced by stationery. Who just so happens to be an over protective plant Mom. A bulk of what you'll see here is stationery, lots of stationery. It makes me very happy and I love talking about it, taking pictures of it and most of all buying more of it.

It is essential for me that any brand collaboration is authentic and relevant to my audience. Collaborating with like minded paper and pen nerds is a must. I would love to hear your ideas for us. So don't be shy, I'm ready to put our first meeting in my planner.

Producing content with creators and brands that align with my aesthetic is the goal.

If your question for me is a general one please don't hesitate to ask.

You can always find general

contact information at the top

of this website or click the general questions link below when you're ready.

I'm open to any questions you may have. Talk to you soon.

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